Merely Players

Coming July 17-25th: Merely Players: Princes to Act!  Click for full details!


Mortal Folly Theatre is proud to present Merely Players, our ongoing quarterly performance salon.

Often during classwork or professional Shakespeare monologue/scene workshops, an actor is confined by the structure of the workshop, logging less than an hour of actual work on their feet with their teacher/director. In Merely Players, Actors have an opportunity to expand their skill with classical texts, and Audiences have an opportunity to see a few of Classical Theatre’s “greatest hits,” in the barest of settings – no production, just actors telling stories.

We especially encourage actors to use Merely Players as a means to broaden their range and attempt characters outside of their usual casting type and comfort zone. The pieces are explored through several one-on-one rehearsal sessions, taken entirely out of the context of their original plays, and then performed in front of an audience in a low-key cabaret setting. So far we have incorporated monologues, 2-person scenes, sonnets, musical performances, and juggling/clowning. Shakespeare has been the sole source for text thus far, but we are looking forward to including the work of other Elizabethan, Jacobean, Restoration, and NeoClassical playwrights in the future.

This showcase is helping us build our audience and encouraging the expansion of the company, both in numbers and experience, so if you would like to be part of our next Merely Players, please contact us!

Some thoughts from our Players:

“Taking part in Merely Players gave me a chance to do a scene I had always wanted to do but that had eluded me for years! Working on it with Kate and then doing it for an audience was so fulfilling and something I wouldn’t have gotten in a classroom setting. It also gave me the chance to see other people’s interpretations of Shakespearean text; even well known scenes and speeches seemed new when taken out of context and just performed as one or two people in a moment. I highly recommend taking part in it as a chance to learn, play, showcase yourself, and have fun!” – Jenelle Sosa

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