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We will be performing the World Premiere of the award-winning play Over Here at the New York International Fringe Festival- the largest multi-arts festival in North America!!!! 


We are thrilled about this opportunity, but we need your help! You can read all about the play, cast and crew on our Upcoming Shows page.

Production costs include multi-media elements, set, costumes, and props, promotional materials, and (most importantly) cast and crew that need to be paid.

So, help us make this the best production possible!   With your donations, you can get: 

–Tickets to the show;

–A mention in our program;

–A shout out on social media;

–AND COOL, UNIQUE STUFF: Sit down over falafel with the Playwright and Director!  Attend a rehearsal and meet the cast!  You could even receive a custom-made aluminum knife or sword from Gotham Armory!     



Please, check out our IndieGogo campaign.   



Other Ways You Can Help

Can’t afford to contribute?  We understand!  Share this campaign and our Facebook page with your friends!  You never know who might want to lend a hand- or even just come see the show!

Check out this interview about Over Here with the playwright on Indie Theatre Now

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