Birthday Sonnets (again)!

April 9th, 2012


On April 23rd, come out for the biggest Shakespeare birthday party this side of the Atlantic!


Willful Pictures presents the 2nd Annual Shakespeare’s Birthday Sonnet Slam in Central Park, NYC!  All 154 sonnets will be read, FREE, in one of New York City’s most picturesque public landmarks.  Mortal Folly company members will be presenting many of the sonnets.


Last year’s event was nothing short of magical, so come out early, pack a picnic lunch, and bask in the beauty of the Bard!





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O For a Muse of Fire!

July 6th, 2011

It’s that time again!  That’s right, on July 17, 18th, 24th and 25th, Mortal Folly Theatre will host our next edition of Merely Players, a special “Princes to Act” version!


This upcoming Merely Players, “Princes to Act,” focuses heavily on the many faces and issues of royalty in Shakespeare’s plays, and highlights some of the canon’s most stirring pieces from King John, Richard II, Henry 4.2, Henry 6.1, and especially the incomparable Henry V.


Featuring the talents of Alyssa Borg, Katie Braden, Erik Cheski, Nathan DeCoux, Charlotte Dunn, Cheri Paige Fogelman, Jacqueline Holloway, Laura King, Cary Patrick Martin, Jake Mosser, Marcus Petersen, Emma Servant, John Short, and more!


Special musical guests Brynen Sosa of Mythology on the 17th/24th and Garald Farnham of The Good Pennyworths on the 18th/25th!


All the details are available here!

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